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Dog Parks in Poland – how many dogs are there?

Poland with its circa 8 000 000 dogs is one of the biggest dog countries in the world. There’s one dog for every five Poles! As most of the dogs have their loving owners, the dog community is taking over the market, bringing amenities and dog equipment into the urban environment. The face of the Polish city is changing for the sake of comfort, cleanliness & following peoples’ needs. And doing it fast!

Dog Parks in Poland – what is behind the changes?

Led by the local governments of Polish cities, a citizen programme calls locals to put their ideas to vote or vote for already submitted projects they find interesting, which later are going to be funded by a chunk of the city’s budget.

The cities have a reserved sum in their budgets each year. Just to list a few, for 2017 the city of Katowice had 20.000.000,00 PLN to spend on citizen projects. Kraków had 10.855.000,00 PLN. Białystok had over 10.000.000,00 PLN for 2017 and Warszawa a whopping 58.500.000,00 PLN. The amounts might differ each year, but the noticeable trend stays the same: dog parks.

Dog Parks in Poland – on the grow

Dog park construction ideas arise each year when talking about the citizen budget but also outside of it. The need is great as the infractructure is still poor. Mix that with 8 milion dogs and the demand is overwhelming.

If you think Poland could be a market of your interest, contacts us for more information. We are a company created to support and propagate Polish dog parks and dog runs. We also focus on safety of their visitors and educate on the dog park rules. We are currently taking a run-up to jump into 2018 with many fresh possibilites to offer.

Dog Parks in Poland – is the partner for the job also delivers tender information for government dog park projects, we gather construction comapnies, we offer advertising on our webpages, providing over 60 000 unique hits each month. If you find Polish diffcult – worry not – we offer translations on site. – all the Polish dog parks are here!

Contact us for any further details, our offer, statistics and cooperation possibilites. We are supported by the EU.


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