Home dog boarding in Katowice, Poland

No cages, no dog pens – professional & private home dog boarding for your dog. We accept a maximum of one dog or two, but only if the dogs know & tolerate each other. It’s a real home-from-home option.

Let your dog feel like on a perfect holiday: we are going to let it sleep on the couch, in bed with us at nights, join us during every hour of our day, have our whole apartment at its disposal. Your dog will play with us, receive lots of love and have constant care & attention. It will join our two senior girls (a 11 y/o lab and a 10 y/o mongrel). We are also going to have fun on our trips to dog parks, nearby lakes, walking areas etc.

  1. Let us understand your needs – simply fill in the dog boarding form.
  2. Lets meet with you and your dog. You can also check the place your dog will be staying at.
  3. Leave your dog with us and don’t worry about a thing.

Enquiries at:

WWW: AjriszZona.pl | Facebook: @AjriszZona


Your dog’s safety:

  • Over 10 years of dog care experience – 2 own dogs, previously a temporary (foster) dog home (for abandoned & harmed dogs), we also are volunteers for dog care foundations.
  • Dog first aid course.
  • Much positive feedback.
  • We are in touch – leave your preferable method of contact and we will send you photos & videos concerning your dog and its stay with us everyday.
  • We secure your dog with a name tag and a collar-mounted GPS device (however it’s never off the leash in unsecure areas or at all if you wish so).
  • The dog boarding is carried out based on a signed agreement.
  • We are a registered company (European VAT ID no., VAT invoices, payments via bank transfer).
I was referred to AjriszZona by a friend while I was living in Poland. It’s one of the best referrals I’ve ever had! This couple was not only very knowledgable about dogs and very professional, they were sweet and kind too! I don’t think my puppy Ora would have been in better hands anywhere else. So grateful to AjriszZona!Rebecca Perry

For your comfort:

  • Flexible hours – you can leave & pick up your dog between 9 am and 7 pm or 24/7 with our extended services.
  • Easy access – we are located by the biggest interchange in the Southern Poland (A4/A1 highways, also route to Katowice Airport, also close to main railway station in Katowice).
  • We offer dog transportation (as an option).
  • We give comprehensive care – we feed (also with BARF if required), water, give medicine, care about the dog’s general condition (clip nails, groom, clean ears – in accordance to the owner’s guidelines).

Home dog boarding Katowice Silesia Poland

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